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Tips for Mixing Traditional Decor to Modern Homes

Feb 21, 2019

A home must be the reflection of the homeowner’s personality. The idea of decoration in a traditional house differs from the idea of décor in the modern home. Traditional artefacts have both functional and aesthetic importance. If you are looking forward to designing your home décor and style with modern, ethnic and contemporary trends to give a traditional impact and fresh look to your home. Then you have to find the best home interior designers in Cochin who provide an excellent blend of both traditional and modern interiors to the home according to your desires. A classic style to your home helps you to remind your roots no matter where you are living in.  There are various methods to give a traditional touch to your home.

  • Upholstery

The easiest method to renovate your home look to a traditional one is to change your present cushion covers, curtains, rugs, sofa upholstery, tablecloth etc. and try to replace them with the traditional Kerala or Indian prints. Ethnic print-based fabrics also avail in various colours and textures will bring an exotic impact to your home.

  • Sculptures

Putting some ethnic and exotic sculpture in the hallway or entrance to your home will give an amazing traditional touch to your unruffled home. This can be selected based on the religious aspects or can be related to aesthetic features; it is all up to you to select the apt accessories for your home to give a traditional touch to your home.

  • Focus On More Airy and Open Spaces

The traditional Kerala home is usually airy and open and all the room contains proper ventilation, which helps the house to keep away from fungus and mould. The climatic conditions of Kerala demand the need for open and airy spaces to your home. As Kerala receives very huge rainfall, the rate of humidity is large which lead to the fungal growth. To avoid this when you build your home give proper provisions for the natural air to freely come in.

  • Open Courtyard with Ample Natural Light

 Having an open courtyard with various indoor plants with sufficient natural light and room arrangement is another method to add up a traditional style to the home. Architecturally, open courtyards make perfect sense. They provide the individuals of the home a private outdoor space, which is safe and functional throughout the day. Through its natural ventilation, a courtyard comforts the house stay properly warm or cool without the necessity for air conditioners and heaters.

  • Traditional Accessories

The use of traditional accessories is another cool option to bring a traditional touch to your home. Whether it can be earthen pots, door hangings, wind chimes, big doors with religious motifs, carvings, wooden panels, big wooden chairs, etc.  So the effective use of traditional accessories will bring down the perfect mix of traditional and modern style.

  • Paintings

 Paintings play a crucial role to bring a traditional touch your home. So you have to use paintings that throw an undeniably ethnic look with vibrant conventional colours, symbols, motifs or landscapes. You can choose large paintings for the entire living space or can choose small paintings that would neatly be arranged in your living area. It is the fact that the paintings whether small or large, can truly add a beautiful traditional stroke to your home interiors.

  • Adding Religious Themes in the Entire Decoration &Furnishings

Most of the traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi emphasis on giving religious theme based decoration items and furnishings to the home. The hanging diyas, canvas paintings of Goddesses and God, hanging bells, small temples in the home are some of the most commonly seemed religious theme based décor and furnishings.

If you have a modern house or apartment and want to bring down a few traditional elements into it, then you can contact the best home decorator Cochin, Ostrya. We present simple interior design ideas that blend both the traditional modern style to your dream home.



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